The New Colour Book

Changing the colour of a room can alter it dramatically. Colour can make an uninviting home welcoming and a dull one exciting, a small space look larger and a spacious area more intimate. Colour can change the mood of a room, highlight its good points and obscure its bad ones. A source of near endless inspiration, the spiral-bound "The New Book of Colour" lets you see instantly what effect a change in colour will have on a room. As practical as a paint brush, this innovative guide presents eighty pages, each cut horizontally into three sections - floors, walls and ceiling - that let you flip back and forth, mixing and matching until you find the perfect colour scheme. Covering the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, "The New Book of Colour" shows at a glance what an oak floor, for example, will look like with sage walls and a taupe ceiling. Or whether the kitchen floor is better in gold hues or shades of cinnamon. It can be used in a multitude of ways to achieve innumerable effects. Whether you are looking for a modern scheme, a timeless nostalgic feel, or a statement of personal style, this book will give you the ammunition to find colour selections that perfectly suit your taste and your home.

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23cm x 23cm




Home and Interiors


Hardie Grant Books


01 March 2004


Ben Kendrick