The Mums' Book

Have you always longed to be a 'perfect mother' but felt the title just didn't fit? Time-poor, overworked and undervalued mothers of Australia rejoice! In the vein of the bestselling Dangerous Book for Boys, The Mum's Book contains a wealth of practical, informative and amusing information that will transform you from stressed to super-mum in a matter of moments. Ever wished you could crack the recipe for that perfect fairy cake or fantastic fish-finger sandwich? Fear not. The Mums' Book will have you creating culinary masterpieces that would put even Nigella and her band of domestic goddesses to shame. Dying to impart motherly advice but never know quite what to say? A glance through The Mums' Book and you'll soon be approaching those random people on the street and offering such choice maternal pearls of wisdom as 'Be careful else you'll put your eye out' or, better still, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. Never quite know what to do when spending 'quality time' with your children? Relax. The Mum's Book will have you sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine and the little ones happily running around tidying their rooms faster than you can say 'supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous'. And, of course, now that you're the perfect mum, you most definitely won't be needing her.

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20cm x 13cm




Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 May 2007


Alison Maloney