The Making of a House

Our ideal of the house starts very early in life. A house is where we grow up, and holds many memories of family times together and meals shared. It's where, as children, we watch and learn the arts of cooking and gardening, and the preciousness of books and music. In Janne and Harley's experience, the success of the house comes from the owner. If the house is tailored to meet the needs of its occupants, it is one that shouts wellbeing, easy comfort and happiness. It is the one place you can make uniquely your own. "The Making of a House" takes you on a journey through a typical house, from first impressions at the front door, and then through each room for ideas on how to simulate effects and put together a theme.The result is comfortable rooms that are well lived in. As designers Janne and Harley are aware that no two families share the same requirements, so the book offers a range of possible options for decoration and design. Though different, the philosophy of each is the same: your ideas and personality must shine through. Forget the rules, and think about how you want to use the rooms: is it for work, sanctuary, family or a combination? "The Making of a House" shows you fully resolved interior spaces and then deconstructs them, room by room, to reveal the building blocks that were brought together to make the rooms work.The components you see in a typical room - the paint colour, chairs, tables and accessories - are identified, and a directory and buying guide will help you locate the items.

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30cm x 30cm




Home and Interiors


Hardie Grant Books


01 November 2003


Janne and Anste Faulkner