The Essence of Kokoda

Kokoda is much more than just the name of a military campaign. Like Gallipoli, it represents a tradition - a tradition conceived at Anzac Cove, then reborn in the jungles of the Owen Stanley Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea. And like Gallipoli, the spirit of Kokoda lives on to this day. In this remarkable and accessible new account, bestselling author Patrick Lindsay succinctly captures the essence of the battles and the heroes who helped defend Australia from invasion in 1942. Featuring stunning images as well as interviews with the survivors - from both sides - Patrick shows how a group of young, untested Australians, many of whom were just in their teens, repelled an invading force vastly superior in both numbers and firepower. Amidst deplorable conditions and wracked with disease, these valiant young men 'dug in' and for just on six months held the enemy at bay, eventually forcing a retreat. Mateship, courage, grit and determination triumphed on the Kokoda Track in 1942; and the legacy of these brave young Diggers - prosperity and freedom - is a debt which every Australian owes them. Lavishly illustrated with many never-before-seen images, The Essence of Kokoda is the quintessential guide to the battle that saved a nation.

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18cm x 14cm




Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 August 2005


Patrick Lindsay

After a long career as a print and television journalist, Patrick Lindsay has also become one of Australia's leading non-fiction authors. Among his published books are: The Spirit of Kokoda (Hardie Grant), the story of the battles which saved Australia in WWII; TheEssence of Kokoda, a concise guide to the Kokoda story; The Spirit of Gallipoli. Cosgrove… Portrait of a Leader; Kokoda Spirit exploring the spirit of the Diggers of Kokoda