The Bow Tie Book

From its humble beginnings around the necks of seventeenth-century Croatian mercenaries, the bowtie has evolved to become one of the signature accessories in the modern gentleman's wardrobe. Once relegated to the uniforms of nerds, waiters, and wedding parties, bowties now adorn the collars of men of all ages, nationalities, and occupations. They silently and stylishly tell the world what kind of man you are: A man of style, substance, and individuality. A man who likes to stand out in a crowd, but is polite. A man who respects himself and those around him enough to put his best foot forward. A man of whimsy, intelligence, and imagination. Today, anyone who's anyone, and everyone else, appreciates a bowtie.

The Bowtie Book includes a brief essay on the history of the bowtie, and is filled with more than 100 full color and black-and-white photographs of bowtie-wearing men, as well as over 50 quotes and essays from bowtie wearers, designers, and their admirers. It also includes over 20 full-color illustrations created specially for this book by noted bowtie wearer and artist James Gulliver Hancock, as well as a fully-illustrated and removable "How to Tie a Bowtie" cheat sheet for readers to take with them.
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Art and Photography


Rizzoli International


01 May 2015


James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock is an artist and illustrator. His work has adorned everything from galleriesand trains to billboards and public spaces worldwide. He has worked with a wide variety of high-profile clients, including Coca-Cola, the New York Times, and Herman Miller Furniture. He is the author and illustrator of All the Buildings in New York, All the Buildings in Sydney, All the Buildings in London and All the