The Adventures Of Herge Creator of Tintin

Following on from his best selling Tintin: The Complete Companion, MichaelFarr portrays the little known but fascinating life of Herge, the remarkableartist behind Tintin, the boy reporter who continues to thrill and delight anever-widening audience. In seven separate sketches he presents his pictureof a man whose life is the key to his creation.A hundred years after his birth,Georges Remi, better known as Herge, is celebrated for creating Tintin, thedauntless young reporter-hero of this strip cartoon he first introduced in 1929. The Adventures of Tintin remain a constant source of reference throughout thisnew book, which draws on fresh material found in the extensive archive heldby the Studios Herge, as well as a series of interviews with those who knew himintimately, friends, and colleagues who worked with him. This book examines thelife and passions of a man who, despite his international fame, preferred to avoidthe limelight, finding inspiration in modern art, the latest scientific developmentsand world affairs, and seeking enlightenment in Zen Buddhism and philosophy. Itconsiders his role as the European pioneer of the strip cartoon and establishes hisrole played by contemporary cinema in his development of it, from the slapstickof the 1920s, through the drama and suspense of the pre-war Hitchcock thrillers,to the early works of Steven Spielberg -- the one filmmaker he believed couldsuccessfully bring Tintin to the large screen. Apart from the strip cartoons thatmade his name, Herge was an accomplished graphic designer and typographerand his -- at times -- highly advance work for advertising is reviewed, as wellas his later, less successful, aspirations to become an abstract painter. Not onlywas he fascinated by modern art, he also became an avid collector. He greatlyadmired the pop artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein -- buying majorworks of theirs -- and they in turn paid tribute to him.

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30cm x 22cm






01 June 2008


Michael Farr