Spirit of the Outback

The Spirit of the Outback captures the essence of Australia's vast outback regions and the people who live there. Here, from the last frontier is the story of the cattle barons, the great landowners, the ringers and the jackeroos who make their living in the outback. The spirited men and women who make this land great, bounce from the pages with their peerless skills, instinct for survival and dedicated efforts to making inland Australia more productive. The Spirit of the Outback is rich with the colour and passion of the Australian people. It is the remarkable story of the settlement of inland Australia, its ongoing development and new land uses. Its setting is the beautiful and unique private country, generally unseen and unknown by most Australians.In travelling to the various regions from the remote Kimberley to the highlands of Tasmania, the author, Nigel Austin, has visited many of the most interesting, most isolated and largest stations in the world. He provides a rich insight into the crucial economic contributions of outback Australia. The lifeblood of the inland, the $7 billion a year cattle industry, is the nation's largest rural business and the basis for the existence of many people in the outback. Its colourful portrayal of the land, the industry and the special people who are continuing to unlock the secrets of rural Australia, ensure the book is essential reading for all with an interest in the outback.

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Art and Photography


Hardie Grant Books


01 February 2002


Nigel Austin