Small Talk

Ever been stuck in a social situation with nothing to say and nowhere to go? "Just being yourself" is all very well, but what if you're not very interesting? What if you're an accountant? Or a dentist? Or a dredger? The sort of person whose offerings at a dinner party help reconcile fellow diners to death? Help is at hand! Arranged according to social situation - how to talk to a hairdresser; what to say at a wedding - 'Small Talk' is teeming with tailor-made trivia that will amuse, beguile and charm. Forced to go to a funeral? Lighten the mood with tales of amusing celebrity deaths and misplaced body parts - or hilarious stories of wakes gone wrong. Whether you need to dazzle at a dinner party or fascinate at the footy, bond at a book club or gel in gaol, 'Small Talk' will do it for you.

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18cm x 13cm




Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 March 2007


Eamon Evans

Eamon Evans has spent all his working life writing. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he has been an in-house writer for Bigpond Sport. He has also been a regular journalist for the Sunday Herald Sun, the Adelaide Advertiser, the Sunday Times and the Courier Mail writing about AFL, cricket and tennis. He has written four books including The Godfather was a Girl. His most recent sporting book was David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments.