Set the Slim Person Free

LIVE LONGER & BE SLIM FOREVER ON AN ANTI AGEING PROGRAMME Over 60% of Australian adults are said to be overweight and yet experience tells us that it isn't all about eating fatty food and not exercising enough. Many other factors influence weight gain and maintenance. Biochemist and Clinical Nutritionist, Ms Elizabeth Wetherell, claims that hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients, genetics, food intolerance, environmental toxins and a myriad of other conditions are often the cause of excessive weight gain. The book also outlines the role psychological and emotional factors play in weight control. "Set the Slim Person Free" contains a glossary of conditions that may contribute to weight gain. It encourages readers to identify their weight problem and any medical issues that may cause problems. It offers lifestyle suggestions and addresses some of the more prominent weight gain issues with tips and recipes that benefit different areas of the body. "Set the Slim Person Free" is Elizabeth Wetherell's first publication and has been praised by Nutritionist, Lecturer and medical practitioner, Dr Igor Tabrizian for dispelling the myth that all weight gain is caused by bad eating habits and lack of exercise. He said "this book addresses abnormal mindsets that occur with food intolerance and deals front on with behavioural problems that arise from these."

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23cm x 15cm




Health & Self-Help


Hardie Grant Books


01 May 2003


Elizabeth Wetherell