SBS Dictionary of Soccer

Weight of the pass: The quality of a pass based on the power with which it is made in relation to the movement and position of the player meant to receive it. Example: If a pass is made to a player in mid-stride, and it is so timed that the recipient player meets the ball without breaking strike, it is said to be a well-weighted pass. "what a load of rubbish": Popular derisory exclamation or chant made by fans in response to the quality of play which is not to their liking. "wide player": Player whose role is to play, or who is typified by playing, on the flanks or wings. "wing-back": Player whose role is to play on either flank of the defence. If you're stumped at the difference between back-play and back-heel, or ever wondered what players refer to as a banana kick, the SBS Dictionary of Soccer will set you on the way to a fuller understanding of the game. Organised in A to Z format, the dictionary will contain prominent and common phrases used in soccer, making it perfect for novices or those seeking a fuller understanding of the jargon used by commentators. Written by Les Murray, the authority on soccer in Australia, the book will contain some subjective and light-hearted references, but will none the less be a comprehensive reference tool.

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07 June 2002


Les Murray

Les Murray has lived and breathed football for more than three decades. Always at the heart of every football moment he has been witness to most of the greatest events in football history. His passion for soccer, in which he had been interested from an early age, was sparked after watching a replay of the 1960 European Cup Final. He began work as a journalist in 1971 and moved to Network Ten as a commentator in 1977, and SBS in 1980 where he soon