Paradise Updated

Sun, Sand, Sex … sounds like the perfect tropicalgetaway. Shame that heads are about to roll. There are precious few places in the world stilluntouched by the marauding tourist. Paradise Lost? Chance would be a fine thing. Paradise Very-Well-Trodmore like it. Paradise Packaged, Paradise Marketed. Paradise Sold in Easy-to-Enjoy Portions. And if there'smoney to be made shining light onto the dark corners ofthe world, SmallWorld™ wrote the book on it. Robert Rind is a legend in guidebook circles. He'swillful, individual, and resolutely old-school; definitelynot one to follow the corporate trail. It's little wonderSmallWorld™ has decided he's updated his last edition. Mithra is young, pliable and fits the Company's senseof itself Going Forward. So what if she's never traveledand never written? She's the perfect person to send totropical Maganda to reel Rind in. But as any seasoned traveler will tell you, no matter howwell you plan in advance, expectations and reality rarelymeasure up. And Robert Rind is unlikely to come quietly. Mic Looby's masterful debut novel weaves a hilariousand hair-raising tale of corporate skullduggery andcompromised idealism. From unruly rebels to unhingedexpatriates, from its bustling street markets to five-starbeach resorts, this is one tropical paradise that isn't allthe guidebooks would have you believe. MIC LOOBY worked for many years as an editorand writer for Lonely Planet, and wrote severalbooks on Asian countries including the first one on‘Myanmar'. This book is in no way based on any of thoseexperiences. Honestly. He has also illustrated threetitles in the It's True series of children's non-fictionbooks published by Allen & Unwin and draws a weeklycartoon for the Herald Sun. He is also a columnist forThe Big Issue Australia. This is his first novel.

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19cm x 15cm






Affirm Press


01 September 2009


Mic Looby