One Down, One Missing (B)

Join the largest manhunt ever mounted in Victorian police history. On 16 August 1998, Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller were shot dead while on duty. The Victorian policemen had been staking out a restaurant in Moorabbin as part of an operation aiming to snare two serial bandits who'd been targeting fast-food restaurants around the city's southeast. With an extra chapter on trial proceedings, this new edition of "One Down, One Missing" presents a vivid in-house account of the Lorimer Taskforce, the elite team assembled to investigate the men's murders, and the twisted path that led to the killers' door. A member of that team, Detective Senior Constable Joe D'Alo, has collaborated with writer David Astle to give the reader a rare chance to enter a dramatic chapter of Australian police history, and take you on the full investigative journey that took several years to reach its dramatic conclusion. Using witness accounts and Intergraph transcripts, the book reveals the hardworking men who cracked the case. Enter the realm of ballistics, forensics and high-pressure police work. See the underworld up close, and follow the taskforce's tactics and personal sacrifices. Hear the chilling words of the killers and associates on hidden tapes. If you think you know all the facts of the Silk and Miller case, think again.

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20cm x 13cm




Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 December 2004


Joe with David Ast D'Alo