An explosion of colour, flavour, and texture - 'Moorish' celebrates what Middle Eastern cooking does best. Following on from their bestselling Arabesque, Greg and Lucy Malouf have compiled this collection of innovative recipes combining traditions of the Middle Eastern kitchen with fresh, contemporary flavours and ingredients. After the introduction to 20 delicious spice blends, 'Moorish' then uses them in recipes from simple starters and soups to poultry, seafood, and mouth-watering desserts. Quick-and-easy dishes such as Spanish Omelette with Potato, Green Olives and Chorizo are found with wonderful dinner-party ideas such as Veal Cutlet with Pine Nuts, Rosemary and Orange Crumbs. Or for dessert try the delectable Baklava Stuffed with Walnut Ice-cream. Explore the exotic tastes and aromas of the Middle Eastern kitchen. Use a simple spice mix to turn a home-cooked meal into a sensational dish bursting with zest and colour. With its collection of over 100 recipes, 'Moorish' captures the true essence of the Middle East, expressed in the best western tradition. It will delight and inspire the creative gourmet in every home-chef.

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24cm x 21cm






Hardie Grant Books


01 September 2001


Greg Malouf

Along with writing partner Lucy Malouf, Greg has produced six beautiful and award-winning books on different cuisines, the latest being Malouf: New Middle Eastern Food, to continued acclaim. In 2011, he was honoured as Ambassador by The American University in Beirut for his achievements in promoting Lebanese cuisine around the world. In 2012 Greg left the award-winning MoMo restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, to take over the reins at the iconic


Lucy Malouf

Lucy Malouf is a food writer and editor. Together with her former husband, Greg Malouf, she is the co-author of Arabesque, Moorish, Saha, Turquoise, Saraban and Malouf: New Middle Eastern Food. Her writing has appeared in compendiums of the best Australian food writing and she also contributes regularly to Australian and International newspapers, journals and magazines. In addition to her own projects, Lucy has collaborated with some of