Late Night Correspondence of John Howard

From the secret files of John W. Howard comes the hidden and often surprising correspondence between our Prime Minister and his Queen, Elizabeth II. Decidedly one-sided, the letters show the qualities of Howard he hasn't yet shown to the Australian public, unveiling his true thoughts on the issues that have hounded him throughout his term in office: Pauline Hanson, the children overboard, the Hollingworth debacle and, of course, the war on terror. Gone is the Prime Minister who turns his back on people - instead we see a compassionate figure, one who is happy to offer support when Royal corgis run amuck or when Princes head down to our friendly shores. He is a master of hospitality completely misunderstood by the Australian people - as shown in the massive celebrations for his daughter's wedding - and a citizen of the world bringing Australia to important negotiations, such as cattle-wrangling at President Bush's Texas ranch. The pile of letters and emails was discovered by former journalist, broadcaster and author Barry Everingham and compiled to form a must-read book for members of the Australian voting public. Guaranteed to raise an eyebrow and tickle the funny bone, "Late-Night Correspondence" gives Howard's immediate (and uncensored) responses to both the big issues and the smaller ones, shared with the only queens in his life: Elizabeth and Janette.

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15cm x 11cm




Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 August 2004


Barry Everingham