King of the Grill

Barbecuing is one of the most ancient and enduring methods of food preparation. Ever since the caveman accidentally dropped a chunk of raw meat in the fire and realised it tasted better, cooking over glowing coals has remained the best way to transform raw meat into delicious food. Barbecuing is seen today in virtually every culture around the world. From Aussie backyards and the sidewalks of New York with their chestnut roasters to Japan's hibachi restaurants and Caribbean beachside grills. You'll find barbecues in market places throughout Spain, Turkey and Greece, all serving up tasty morsels of meat coated in spices, while in the far flung tropics of Thailand spicy prawn kebabs are the go. The grill still remains the traditional method of street vendors cooking lamb kebabs in Moroccan markets too. And no matter which part of the barbecuing world you visit it's mostly men who wield the tongs. From the Old World to the new barbecuing has become a popular way for men to prepare dinner while showing off to their friends at the same time. This popularising of the barbecue adds further fuel to the theory that barbecuing allows men to get in touch with nature, to get back to basics and be at one with fire, meat and fresh air. It's a primeval instinct that urges men across the world to pick up the tongs and head outside. This book takes a blokey barbecue tour around the world. It gathers the best ever recipes from far flung countries into one volume to allow barbecue cooks bring the food and flavours of barbecuing from around the world to their own backyard. It proves once and for all that not only have men grabbed the barbecue tongs with gusto, but they are also the kings of the grill, just ask them!

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21cm x 13cm






Hardie Grant Books


01 December 2003


Allan Campion

Allan Campion lives, breathes and writes food. A professional chef and award-winning author, he is a major contributor to the Australian food scene and has more than two dozen books to his credit.

Allan is the founder of Melbourne Food Experiences, a specialist in food tours, corporate team-building events, cooking classes, functions and private parties. All are run in partnership with top Melbourne chefs, chocolatiers, bakers, wine experts,