Heavens Above

I believe in the message of truth delivered by all the religious teachers of the world. - Gandhi. Religion is a candle inside a multi-coloured lantern. Everyone looks through a particular colour, but the candle is always there. Mohammed Naguib The great religions of the world are not all that different. At their core they teach us how to live good and meaningful lives based on simple, enduring principles such as love, respect and humanity. For centuries each faith has strived to instil the most desirable qualities in its followers. Sometimes they are qualities you don't hear about much any more - compassion, decency, integrity, sincerity - but they are as important today, perhaps even more so, as ever. This little book aims to distil some of the wise and reassuring words of the sacred texts into advice and inspiration for everyday living. Regardless of which faith they stem from, the quotations selected here have the power to guide and comfort you, or those close to you, in times of trouble or uncertainty. They are ancient sayings for modern life, for everyone. By casting our eyes beyond one particular faith, we can forget differences and instead appreciate the fundamental values and beliefs that unite all humanity. This is a book about how to be a better person, but also about how we are really all one people - "a single nation," as the Qur'an says.

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14cm x 14cm




Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 December 2007


Kendall Hill