Global Shopper

The Global Shopper is a sassy, informative guide to the best websites to shop on from around the world. Covering everything from baby clothes and accessories to hard-to-get beauty products and tailored wrapping paper, The Global Shopper is the ultimate computer-side companion for people who not only love to shop, but who want something original, unique or personalised. The feeling we want to give people looking at the book is that here, finally, is someone to handrecommend those quirky sites where you can get really special things, as who has the time (other than Nicole, clearly) to trawl around for hours on the net looking? The author is a mad keen online shopper, so all entries are from personal experience - the best recommendation possible! Nicole has a very chatty style, likes to name drop (well, wouldn't YOU want your baby to dress like Liz Hurley's? he hee) so it's a really colourful, interesting read, unlike a lot of the dry shopping guides around. This is a book to read and use, but should appeal to the sorts of discerning shoppers that will want to buy it - for themselves and their friends as a gift. It will look colourful, classy and bold, and to be a great gift for the shopaholic.

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Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 May 2006


Nicole Hopkinson