Factfinder 2006

Who won each grand slam title in Men's tennis? How sorry was Australian model Michelle Leslie? Have threats of bird flu and terrorism stopped travellers? Does Russell Crowe make it into the top 100 actors of all time (or does he just think he should)? And what is the capital of Suriname? Factfinder 2006 has the answers to these questions and many, many more. Full of useful reference information as well as quirky, eyebrowraising and topical tidbits, the book takes a look at the year that was and makes sense of it. It covers the worlds of Sport, Politics, Arts and Entertainment, Food and Wine, Education, Science and Technology, Language, Wonders and Curiosities, to name but a few, summing up innovations and important moments with comprehensive and pithy writing. The book is introduced by the always witty Year in Review chapter, which takes a firmly tongue-in-cheek approach to reviewing 2005, pulling out the most revealing quotes from the famous and infamous. For those who prefer the visual, the Factfinder reveals the year in pictures - from the inauguration of the new Pope to candle vigils for Van Nguyen. Factfinder 2006 taps into the growing trend of quiz shows and trivia nights, and should be within arm's reach of any dinner-party discussion, family argument and workplace bet.

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23cm x 18cm




Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 April 2006


Various Contributors