Cook for Your Life

Ian Thorpe has long been known for his incredible swimming achievements. Less well-known is that he loves to cook. But Ian has learnt through years of competition that he can't just eat anything and achieve the elite level success that he has become known for. Healthy eating is something that he has always had to keep in mind to perform at his peak. Whether he swims competitively or takesa break he has been able to apply all that he has learned to his diet and health. A lifetime love of cooking teamed with a refusal to give up the flavours of his favourite meals led Ian to develop a plan that allowed him to eat the delicious foods he loves and to maintain a healthy, lean, strong body. In this, Ian Thorpe's first cookbook, he shares the recipes that keep him trim and healthy, as well ashis philosophy on diet gathered from experts on nutrition and diet over all of his years of elite sporting success. Ian Thorpe has devised his own succesful formula for a healthy diet, it is balanced and achievable and has kept him looking great and feeling great.

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27cm x 21cm






Hardie Grant Books


01 August 2011


Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe’s success in the pool includes winning five Olympic gold medals, 11 world titles, he set 13 long-course records and broken 22 world records. He is one of the greatest swimmers of all time. He has also appeared on TV shows around the world including Jay Leno and Friends; been invited to meet the President of America; hosted and presented a number of television shows; been awarded the IAAFs 2001 American “World’s Most