Big Shift, The (B)

‘The Third Australian Culture is the culture of the beach. It is ascendant, and will define a new demographic concentration of Australians during the early decades of the 21st Century.' - Bernard Salt. The Big Shift is a lucid and vibrant exploration of the Australian continent and its people. Author Bernard Salt brings to life the shifts and shuffles that are impacting on the way in which Australians are settling their continent. First Australian Culture: think ‘the bush' Second Australian Culture: think ‘the ‘burbs' Third Australian Culture: think ‘the beach' Salt's insightful eye for detail and sheer breadth of knowledge of Australia are brought to bear in this bold and landmark outlook for a nation and its people in the early decades of the 21st Century. The Big Shift tracks demographic and cultural change in Australia. Where do most Australians live? What are the top ten growth municipalities? Why will baby boomers never grow old? The book is pacey, and sometimes edgy, as it interprets new directions in the shaping of this nation and its people. The Big Shift encourages readers to: *compare: my municipality is bigger than your municipality *contrast: population boom on the coast vs plummet in the bush *question: can a hip-hop homeboy go Gothic? It is also funny: Bernard Salt has an eye for quirky detail, guaranteed to entertain and amuse. Now released in a B format edition, The Big Shift is a must to find out where Australians are headed.

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19cm x 13cm




Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 July 2004


Bernard Salt