Beatles to Bowie

Photography, pop music, film and fashion coalesced in 1960s London to producea cultural legacy that resonates today. Beatles to Bowie: the 60s exposedincludes more than 150 photographic portraits of leading pop musicians,including rare portraits of The Beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and theRolling Stones. This book features the leading personalities that helped createthe legend of ‘Swinging London', arguably the most significant city of culturalcreativity in the world. Placing the history of photography at the centre of popculture during this period, the book highlights the artists - Cliff Richard, TheKinks, the Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, Lulu, Bob Dylan, Dusty Springfield,Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, The Who and many more - whose music, performancesand looks made them the leading icons of their time. Beatles to Bowie: the 60s exposed illustrates how different photographersexplored new creative opportunities and outlets and had a major impact on howBritish musicians were seen and understood. A new wave of young photographers- including Fiona Adams, David Bailey, Michael Cooper, Gered Mankowitz,Jean-Marie Perier, Philip Townsend and Robert Whitaker - worked alongsideestablished names, such as Cecil Beaton, and absorbed aesthetic and commercialinfluences which changed the cultural status of their work. With 300 illustrations, including items of ephemera, over seventy musicians andsingers, and the work of more than sixty photographers, this book presents thefirst in-depth overview of pop portraits in the 1960s.

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28cm x 25cm




Art and Photography


Hardie Grant Books


01 December 2009


National Portrait Gallery