Baedeker Guide Paris

At the heart of this full-colour and visually inspiring guide is a wealth of well-researched information and over 200 detailed recommendations, written by experts. Paris is a city packed with magnificent architecture, world-famous museums, exclusive shopping arcades and unique restaurants and you will find all the sights and top attractions explored in an easy-to-read A-Z format helping you navigate your way through the tremendous array of sights. Superb 3D laminated illustrations display the key highlights in perspective and include Notre Dame, the Pantheon and the Chateau de Versailles, brought to life at the turn of a page. Clear and concise background texts cover Paris' fascinating cultural heritage and history, tracing key events from the first settlements on the Seine islands around 4000 BC to the splendour of the Belle Epoque and beyond. Special feature pages cover topics of particular interest that give a rare glimpse into everyday life and throughout the guide you will find answers to some of Paris' more intriguing cultural questions such as 'How many rivets hold the Eiffel Tower together?' and 'Who celebrated blazing success as the Sparrow of Paris?'. A comprehensive 'Practicalities' chapter covers all the essential travel advice you need, including accommodation, transport, food and drink, health, shopping, money and much more, not to mention useful insider tips for travellers with disabilities and those travelling with children. It reveals when and where you can catch festivals, holidays and events throughout the year. There are plenty of 'Baedeker tips' alongside the relevant places and sights information, making this guide ideal for on-the-spot reference. The guide is accompanied by a large, fully indexed, pull-out map, along with 22 detailed maps and plans within the text that clearly pin-point the best places to stay and top venues to eat and drink en route. There are 4 recommended walking tours specially designed to ensure you see the very best of this beautiful and historic city. Two walks through the centre of Paris along the Seine show all the key sights with the glamorous shopping in tour 3 or artists' studios and colourful street markets captured in tour 4 so you can choose the tour to suit you. Top sights are clearly plotted along the way with the distances marked between them. All of this invaluable information is contained within a handy plastic wallet that allows you to keep the guide and map together whilst ensuring that both will survive in all weather.detailed guides with a separate pull-out, indexed map provide unique insights into each destination. Top sights are highlighted on a dedicated, attractive, double-page spread helping you to set priorities for your trip. Focused Baedeker tips provide a wealth of information so you plan in advance to get the best out of your holiday. Recommended tours highlight the key sights and provide advice on how long each tour takes. The protective plastic wallet keeps the guide and map together and adds durability ensuring the guide will survive in all weather.

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Marco Polo


01 November 2012