Andre Rieu Gift Edition with CD

After the immense popularity of the first edition of this fantastic book, a special gift edition with CD is now available. My Life My Music CD will feature the music that Andre Rieu performed in his earlier years, featuring the particular music that were turning points to his career. A beautiful collection of music that will inspire, and a superb companion to the book - perfect to listen to an enjoy while reading about Andre Rieu and his extraordinary achievements. Andr? Rieu is a violinist, conductor and international star following sales of more than 10 million CDs worldwide. With his extravagant concerts and compelling TV specials he has won the hearts of millions of music lovers. Andr? Rieu was born in the Netherlands, in 1949. He grew up surrounded exclusively by classical music. Andre started taking violin lessons at the age of five, the beginning of a love affair that would never end. As a student he was asked to take part in a salonensemble and as he played his fi rst waltz a whole new world opened up for him. From that time on Andr? was hooked on the waltzes' rhythm and dreamt of creating a large orchestra that would enchant its audience. After recruiting hisown "Johann Strauss Orchestra" Andr? began to tour. He has toured throughout the world and won audience's hearts everywhere he goes. Crowned the "Waltz King", Andr?'s wish was to make classical music accessible for everyone, and this has undoubtedly come true. All over the world millions of people of all ages enjoy going to his concerts and listening to his music. Andre Rieu Gift Edition with CD explores the story of Andr?'s youth, growing up in the Netherlands; the musical family he grew up in; his music studies; and his extraordinary success story. This fascinating biography was written by Andr?'s wife, Marjorie Rieu.

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24cm x 16cm




Art and Photography


Hardie Grant Books


01 October 2009


Marjorie Rieu