120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites Mary Engelbreit's Fan Fare Cookbook

Ita (TM)s no secret that beloved artist Mary Engelbreit isna (TM)t the chef in her family, but that doesna (TM)t mean she doesna (TM)t appreciate and love good food So for 120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites, Mary called upon her family, fans, and friends to offer up their time-tested, go-to favorite slow cooker recipes. Included in the book are delicious chilis, time-tested pot roasts, easy-peasy desserts, and hundreds of other slow cooker recipesa "a 120 crowd-pleasing recipes in alla "and decorated throughout with Marya (TM)s stunning artwork On the subject of cooking, Mary Englebreit once stated, "If my family had to depend on me for food, they would starve to death in a really cute kitchen." So for "120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites: Mary Englebreit's Fan Fare Cookbook," Mary called upon family, friends, and fans to submit their all-time favorite slow cooker recipes. "120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites" is a beautiful collection of prep-it-and-forget-it dishes paired with Mary Englebreit's distinctive artwork. Winning submissions include everything from chilis to dumplings, soups, stews, hearty entrees, and flavorful side dishes, as well as tasty appetizers and even a few decadent slow cooker desserts. Consider cooking up a pot of Slovenian Stew, Vegetable Soup, or American-Style Boeuf Bourguignon, served alongside GiGi's Creamy Zucchini or Mimmy's Apple, Sausage, and Cranberry Stuffing. Finish the meal with Indian Corn Pudding or Slow Cooker Carrot Cake. "120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites" is an artful and inspiring cookbook for home cooks who live an on-the-go lifestyle but don't want to sacrifice delicious family meals.

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Andrews McMeel Publishing


30 November 2010


Mary Engelbreit