1001 Songs

The stories behind the great songs of all time - from Gershwin to Missy Elliott, from Bob Dylan to Alicia Keys, Sinatra to Offsping, Leonard Cohen to Pulp. As we enter the age of iPod domination, people are listening to music in a completely new way, mixing up their tastes and their favourite tunes in massive jukeboxes with a random button. The age of albums is over! '1001 Songs' tells the stories behind the best and most popular songs of the last century. It reveals background facts that will fascinate and intrigue, biographical information on each performer and also boasts a guide to the definitive and the oddball covers of songs. The book also features over 400 show-stopping, full colour, rarely seen photographs. Not bound by ranking, era or album, '1001 Songs' is presented just like an iPod: the songs are completely mixed up and random. Discover how Ika and Tina Turner 'stole' River Deep, Mountain High, how matching Body Shop shampoo inspired Courtney Love to write a song after the death of Kurt Cobain, and just who the other members of Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club actually were. '1001 Songs' provides endless entertainment and insider information on over a thousand artists and songs, right up to the minute - the perfect book for music buffs, keen listeners, and anyone who's ever had a song stuck in their head.

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23cm x 19cm




Art and Photography


Hardie Grant Books


01 November 2005


Toby Creswell

Toby Creswell has been writing about popular culture for 30 years. After editing the Australian edition of Rolling Stone for 10 years he co-founded the magazine publishing house Terraplanet.  He has written numerous books: 1001 Songs, Love Is in the Air, Notorious Australians, Too Much Ain’t Enough, The Real Thing (with Martin Fabinyi) and 1001 Australians.