Zanni Louise

Zanni Louise (Suzannah Arnot) was born in Lismore, NSW in 1983. She went to school in Armidale, NSW and Southport, QLD, and studied art history and creative writing at University of Melbourne (2001-2004). She then managed Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne until becoming a freelance writer in 2009, when she moved to Northern NSW to start a family.
Zanni and her husband Gregor have two girls aged two and five. As well as writing for children, Zanni runs a music website for children with Gregor called The Quincys. Zanni has a blog called My Little Sunshine House and teaches blog courses in Byron Bay. She also runs imagination workshops for children, and brings The Quincys into preschools in her local area. Too Busy Sleeping is Zanni’s first children’s book.

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Books by Zanni Louise