Tansel Ali

Tansel Ali is a 3 times Australian Memory Champion and one of the leading thinkers on memory in the world. He has memorised two telephone directory books in only twenty four days (that is over 2000 businesses and more than 24,000 digits). He has broken numerous memory records and competed in the World Memory Championships in Malaysia where he achieved the rank of Grandmaster of Memory. Tansel runs a highly successful business as a memory coach and corporate speaker with a diverse range of clients from the corporate and business world, the Arts, education and entertainment. Tansel has spent the past 12 years training people to make the most of their brain in order to work more effectively and his unique coaching style and personal experience have contributed to many success stories. In 2012 he coached TV personality and CEO of Leo Burnett, Todd Sampson to compete in the World Memory Championships in London by successfully memorising a deck of randomly shuffled cards. His work with Todd Sampson was the subject of hugely popular TV series , Redesign Your Brain on ABC TV and screened internationally. Tansel has two Masters degrees in Information systems management and an MBA, and has over 12 years experience in IT and training and customer service.  He is the author of The Yellow Elephant: Improve Your Memory and Learn More, Faster, Better.

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