Sarah Coates

Sarah Coates is the writer, photographer, stylist and recipe developer behind the blog The Sugar Hit!. From her earliest years, Sarah has been completely obsessed with food, from her favourite picture book Spot Bakes a Cake to renting out DVDs of a young Jamie Oliver from the library covertly as a pre-teen. She grew up completely inspired by food writers such as Nigella Lawson, chefs such as Jamie Oliver and the towering force that is Martha Stewart. When she discovered the world of food blogs in 2010 (very late to the party) it was barely a month before the fledgling version of The Sugar Hit! was up and running. After many dodgy food photos, a lot of extremely suspect web design and plenty of delicious food, The Sugar Hit! is now a fantastic resource for, and community of, like-minded food lovers. Sarah’s work has been featured in Food and Wine, The Kitchn, Food 52 and Design Sponge and her blog, The Sugar Hit!, was recently elected as one of the Top 5 Food and Wellbeing blogs in Australia as part of the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition. She is well-known in the food blogging community both in Australia and overseas and just gosh-darned loves to eat. Sarah is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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