Rohan Anderson

Rohan Anderson has been sharing his food journey on his blog, Whole Larder Love, for five years. The blog is a collection of honest stories and experiences that follow Rohan’s journey to remove himself from a hectic modern lifestyle centred around processed foods. Rohan is an advocate of simple living, of living practically and within one’s means. Tackling the deeper issues that our modern food system raises, Rohan's prose is humourous, at time poetic, and often controversial. Through Whole Larder Love, Rohan likes to propose new ideas and question what is accepted as ‘normal’. He doesn’t profess to have all the answers, nor does he proclaim to be an expert in any one field. He does, however, share what he is experiencing in his world of slow food and slow living in the hope that it may inspire some positive changes as to how we eat and live in these challenging times. Originally a country boy, Rohan spent many years living in Melbourne only to return to the bush to raise a family. He currently lives in the Central Highlands of Victoria with his partner Kate and their four girls, a few dogs and a heap of chickens.  

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