Lyndall Hobbs

Who is Lyndall Hobbs? She's that woman you know, the one who ran track in school, entered the 'real' world before the other girls seemed to and left her hometown behind her for something bigger. The one who became a journalist and, at the tender age of twenty, traded Australia for a high-flying and glamorous (though occasionally unglamorous, too) life as a print reporter for the Daily Mail and a television reporter for ITN in London. Who, after falling in with the jetset crowd, parlayed her onscreen career into a behind-the-camera role as a director in LA, dated Al Pacino and hobnobbed with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Who – somehow – managed to fit motherhood in around the ups and downs of her frenetic life, and who found yet another talent as an interior decorator on both the East and West Coast of the United States. Now, having slowed down a little after surviving breast cancer, she’s back in Hollywood, filming a pilot for a new TV show, Hollywood Mom, starring Ellen Barkin, Christopher Lloyd and Kick Gurry.

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