Jarrod Kimber

Jarrod Kimber was born into a family of cricket fundamentalists in the north of Melbourne. He slept with many cricket bats, skipped school to watch tour games, wrote a sitcom set in a cricket club, and played cricket on turf, matting, synthetics, backyards, roads and even against a brick wall and a stocking on a clothes line. He owns seven Victorian Bushranger shirts (over 70 ODI shirts from around the world), backpacked around the ’03 World Cup and left Melbourne in 2008 to become a cricket writer in the UK.He has written three books: A Year of the Balls, When Freddie Became Jesus and Australian Autopsy. He was also co-director and writer of the documentary Death of a Gentleman. He is the global cricket writer for the world’s largest cricket website, ESPNcricinfo. He was formerly the editor of the magazine Spin Cricket. He has commentated for ABC Grandstand and appeared as a talking head on BBC, Talksport, NDTV, 3AW, SABC and CNN.In his career he has covered cricket in India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Ireland and Sri Lanka. In the last five years he has seen 61 Tests, a World Cup, two World T20s, shield cricket, big bash, IPL and women’s internationals. His favourite meal was a fish curry out of a massive cauldron in Eden Gardens. He was once choked (sort of accidentally) by a security guard at the WACA, was called the ‘most hated man in cricket’ by a powerful cricket administrator, and ghost-wrote sledges for a county cricketer.He provided the cover photo of a P. Diddy album, is a high school dropout, uses a Charlie French bat, bowls ineffectual leg-spin and lives in South London with his wife Miriam and sons Zachariah and Ezekiel.

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