Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy began her career in the late 1980s alongside comedy team The D-Generation on a No.1 breakfast radio show and on television with The Late Show. Most recently she has taken up a role on the Channel 9 show House Husbands, where she is appearing as a doctor. Aside from her comedy life, cooking has been what she loves for as long as she can remember. Now living in Melbourne with partner Rob Sitch and their five children (in her words, taking her commitment to comedy too far), she knows too the unrelenting challenges of preparing satisfying, healthy meals for a growing family. Her first book, Fabulous Food, minus the boombah, was about creating fun and delicious recipes that didn't threaten to add a dress size. She tried many diets but ultimately decided to set up her own "laboratory" to develop recipes that ticked all the boxes in terms of flavour, but that weren't loaded with fat.  

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Books by Jane Kennedy