Clea Cregan

Clea Cregan caught the terrarium bug about seven years ago. Browsing through a country op-shop she stubbled upon a beautiful, worn book about terrarium gardening from 1975. The pages were filled with photos of captivating miniature environments, tiny little landscapes enclosed in glass. It was appealing that, once established, these gardens would be self-sufficient, needing little care: perfect for the lazy gardener. The connection was instant – soon Clea was filling any glass vessels she could find with these little green worlds. She scoured the internet, thrift shops and markets for interesting glass shapes and quirky objects to put inside her miniature gardens. Terrariums brought together her love of design, nature and anything ‘mini’. She was hooked by the tactile nature of the craft – working with her hands and making something beautiful, organic and sustainable. Soon she had created Miniscapes, her terrarium-making business, while still working full-time in the film industry. As the popularity of terrariums started to grow it wasn’t long before Clea was fielding requests from workplaces, events companies and even restaurants. Miniscapes continues to be at the forefront of the terrarium revival and remains one of the leaders in terrarium gardening. Miniscapes is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers. 

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