Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase

What do you do when your cranky-pants grandad builds a time machine and accidentally deletes the whole family? If you're Frankie Fish, you race against the clock to FIX IT!

Get ready for the first instalment of Peter Helliar's hilarious new children's series. Twelve-year-old prankster Frankie must team up with his grumpy grandad to save the family after the old man accidentally stops himself from marrying Nanna — and wipes out Frankie's whole family.

It's all down to Frankie and Grandad to put the past back together again. But can a young prankster and an old crank ever get along? And even if they manage the impossible, will Grandad's wonky time-machine ever get them home?

Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase is a laugh-out-loud time-travel adventure about mega-mischief, missing limbs, and a grandad with a wicked secret, out 1st March 2017 for readers aged 8-12!

Meet Frankie

Frankie Fish isn't your typical kid next door. His wicked sense of humour means he's always up for a good prank, and his natural curiosity means there's always a discovery — and trouble! — around the corner. When a prank at school goes horribly wrong, Frankie is sent to Old-People Jail AKA his grandparents' house for the whole summer as punishment.

Frankie's grandad Alfie Fish is the grumpiest, sourest, meanest old man in the history of mean old men. Grandad also has a hook instead of a right hand. It's never spoken about, so Frankie is left to draw his own conclusions about how it happened (bitten off by a shark is his leading theory).

Lucky for Frankie, Grandad mostly ignores him. In fact, aside from sweet Nanna Fish who makes Frankie delicious pancakes, Grandad barely speaks to anyone! He spends all his time down in the mysterious Forbidden Shed — which Frankie's not allowed to enter, even if zombies with axes and guns and girl germs attack.

Hey you!

Do you recognise this guy? His name is Peter Helliar and he's actually a professional funny person!

Peter has been making people laugh for almost twenty years as one of Australia's favourite comedians and presenters. You might've seen him delivering news (and jokes) on Channel Ten's The Project, but he's done a heap of other cool stuff too, including hosting radio shows, writing and directing film and television, and touring around Australia and New Zealand to sold-out stand-up comedy shows.

Now Peter is tackling his greatest challenge yet: writing Frankie Fish's hilarious adventures, and working on his very own time-travel technique.

Researching a book about time-travel can be intense, but it's a job Peter Helliar takes very seriously, which is why he went to the all the effort of building a real life time machine before writing Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase! In fact, he travelled through time to find the perfect setting for the book.

Let's see how Pete's time-travel journey goes...