Who What Where?

In this charming follow-up to 2015’s hit Who Done It?, an Amazon.com Top 20 Children’s Books of the Year, each page asks the reader a question about the lineup of characters featured on the spread. Sharp eyes and keen observation are necessary. There’s only one right answer, and it’s not always easy! Kids will love learning early concepts like expressions and positions as a natural consequence of their hunt for clues in the details of the lineup. It’s a book for all audiences: the seek- and-find call to action of every page makes Who What Where? a wonderful lap or parent read, while the whimsical art, distinctive horizontal format, and hip exposed board ensures this book will be equally appealing as coffee table decor. This book is for the parent looking for a clever way to teach her child about observation and physical differences; the reader who prefers a seek-and-find that is based on inference and logic; the art-appreciating parent and consumer; the teacher and librarian who will use the gap between question and answer to teach kids how to learn a question from an answer; and the parent who just wants to use a book to engage his child in participating with the book. Of course, the first book has gotten such a positive reception that we anticipate our Sales force and our accounts will be delighted to continue the series.
The follow-up to Who Done It?, one of Amazon's Top 20 Children's Books of the Year (2015), will bring the concept and both books to readers who are ready for the next level of clever, inference-based mysteries.
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14cm x 29cm




Kids & Young Adult


Chronicle Books


18 July 2016


Olivier Tallec