The Real Taste of Indonesia

The cuisine of Indonesia is some of the tastiest and exciting food in the world. As yet it is hard to find many recipes that are authentic to the Indonesian taste. The Real Taste of Indonesia is as the title suggests, real indonesian food. Itis in fact the cuisine of Indonesian families, who celebrate special occasions byinviting relatives and friends for dinner. Not having a real restaurant tradition,people do not eat out in restaurants when celebrating but will prepare thefavourite delicacies of the family: yellow rice, Sumatran rendang or babi guling- a Balinese sucking-pig, grilled over a charcoal fire in local Balinese herbs. Themost delicious meals offered to you in Indonesia will quite certainly be at people'shomes. And... that's where the recipes in this fabulous book come from. Overthe years we have collected recipes that have been passed over from mothers todaughters and sons: little exercise books in which favourite recipes were scribbleddown; highly original recipes from all parts of Indonesia and all kinds of tips onhow you can't go wrong. There is all kinds of information and little stories tothe wonderful selection of recipes in the book- from the mildly sweet dishes ofJava to the spicy Sumatran kitchen or the Balinese cuisine, where, through theinfluence of Hinduism, more pork is eaten than in the rest of this mostly Islamiccountry.

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28cm x 23cm






Hardie Grant Books


01 February 2010